American Access Company: The newest member of the American Fence Company family

American Fence Company is thrilled to tell you all about our newest addition: American Access Company. American Access Company is a premium gate access control seller and we sell items such as transmitters, receivers, photo eyes, operators and more. We have an experienced team of professionals trained by top manufacturers to design, install and maintainContinue Reading

PalmSHIELD proudly protects Mission Dispensary

Mission Dispensary recently became the very first medical marijuana dispensary in Allentown, Pennsylvania, and PalmSHIELD had the honor of being a part of that history. PalmSHIELD’s horizontal louver fence system was installed by ProMax Fence Systems at the dispensary. The mechanical equipment screening perfectly complements the dispensary’s color accents and unique design and is facingContinue Reading

Temporary Fence: Now Protecting Animals and Children in SD!

“And tomorrow looks like a dry 95-degree day with winds out of the south at 15-30 mph”. Welcome to summer in South Dakota! However, these hot temperatures have kicked off some early starts to some very cool construction projects throughout our area. The first on our list would be the temporary fence construction keeping theContinue Reading

PalmSHIELD Diagonal Louver Panel Specifications

Architects and designers and doting on PalmSHIELD’s brand new Casino diagonal louvers. They want to know how they can include PalmSHIELD’s newest design into their next equipment screen, mechanical patio rail, modern enclosure or dumpster enclosure. PalmSHIELD has releaseded a series of CAD drawings to make it easy for architects to quickly add this exclusive design toContinue Reading