Improve Your Property with an Over Arch Ornamental Swing Gate

An over arch ornamental swing gate installed on the side of a house leading into the back yard and garageAmerica’s Gate Company’s over arch swing gate is a sophisticated, classic gate that provides additional security and requires little maintenance. Driveway gates are a stylish piece that can also increase your property’s value.

Swing Gates are a Breeze

Their more simpler operation and economical price have helped make swing gates the most popular style of driveway gate. Their operation isn’t hindered by a little bit of debris like sliding gates. Instead, they are actually one of the easiest to maintain estate gates on the market.

If you plan on putting your gate on a slope, you will need to have an over arch ornamental swing gate open downhill. Gate leaves will not be able to fully open uphill. You will also usually want your swing gate to open toward your property, to keep cars from backing into traffic to avoid getting hit.

Made Specifically for You

America’s Gate Company is a custom gates manufacturer, so they can really make your gate design your own. You can choose the size of your opening, along with if you would like any crests, features or emblems incorporated into your gate’s design. We can make the curve of this over arch gate as tall as you would like it and can drop down on the sides however you would like.

An over arch swing gate is not only an additional decoration for your property, but is also an important security feature. Their straightforward function and upkeep make them an in-demand item for many homes.

Visit America’s Gate Company today so we can help you make your dream gate.

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