Featured Product: Universal Self-Closing Spring Hinges

A universal self-closing spring hinge with 2 large u-bolts and 2 smaller u-boltsIf you have any children or pets you don’t want escaping as you’re going through your gate, you should consider installing some of these self-closing hinges.

A self-closing hinge is just a hinge with a spring. These hinges are popular with homeowners with pets and children and those with pools who require a mandatory self-closing hinge.

Universal Self-Closing Spring Hinges

The universal self-closing spring hinge can be used on commercial and residential chain link fences. This hinge is made of aluminum die cast housing, uses 4 U-bolts to attach to the gate frame and fence post and utilizes a stainless steel hinge pin and spring. For each gate you have you will need 2 of these hinges, 3 if you have a commercial gate or a gate greater than or equal to 6 feet.

You don’t need to risk over-tightening a universal self-closing spring hinge due to its larger surface area. These hinges have a ribbed texture on the inside of the hinge to help it grip the pipe, while the U-bolts secure it in position. For increased security, there are tabs located on each U-bolt to insert tek screws to secure the hinges into place.

Benefits of Universal Self-Closing Spring Hinges

  • Functions under lower torque
  • Little to no maintenance required
  • Stainless steel hinge pin and spring
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Lightweight construction
  • Textured for better grip

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